We help companies and individuals create podcasts that listeners love, engage with & share. Our standards are high and guided by honoring the listener at all times. We only deliver finished products we’re proud to put our name on.

Our full-service approach is in three parts: strategy, production & distribution.  

Strategy involves devising and executing a series plan. We'll brainstorm collaboratively or bring fresh ideas to the table about what kind of podcast we'll make, what the moving parts are, and how we’ll get it done.


Next comes production. We offer expertise in project management, recording, editing, sound design, music, mixing & mastering. Our signature style is sound and music-driven and we work with composers, music licensors, and independent artists to create a unique and dynamic experience.

Finally, distribution. We offer graphic design, photography & video, series launch, marketing, live show, and podcast adaptation services.


Additional services include:

On-site corporate and in-studio workshops on audio storytelling.

Nuts and bolts workshops for independent creators.

Source, recruit and coach talent and interviewees.

Identify collaborators, strategic partners and sponsors.

Studio equipment and design consulting.

Studio rental (by the hour) for recording sessions. Contact for availability.


Independent Creator Collaborations (ICC): 

We believe in audio as a powerful medium for transferring original stories and ideas. For the writers and creators out there with stories to tell but without the resources or know-how to tell them as a podcast, we want to help. If you have an original script or story to tell, we can come up with an arrangement that works for everyone and help you make it reality. We want original stories to shine and find audiences. Contact if this sounds like you. Note: because of time and resources, we're only able to take on one independent collaboration at a time.