Episode 5 - Meeting #4

Adrien describes what happened to him after stepping through the blinding light. Later, he reveals his plan to Stephen. Finally, Heather heads to Colorado to learn the truth.

V. J. Singh
Episode 4 - The Magic Number

Heather finds an expert to discuss the mysterious message Burt Reed says he received up in the mountains. Stephen reveals he hasn't been entirely honest with Adrien.

V. J. Singh
Episode 1 - 3 Tapes

A thirty-something investigative reporter named Heather discovers a package outside her home late one night. Inside are three tapes documenting a friend's questioning of a man who, three days ago, woke up outside Colorado Springs with no idea how he got there. 

V. J. Singh
Episode 0 - Introducing The Divide

Alternate Thursdays proudly presents a new & original limited series about love, loss and the delicate world in-between.

Late one night, an investigative journalist arrives homes to find a mysterious package outside her door containing 3 cassette tapes. On them, an old friend is interrogating a man who claims to have experienced a strange and terrifying phenomenon up in the mountains of Colorado. What follows is a search for answers that tests the very fabric of space and time. 

Join us on February 1 for a journey that begs the question...what if there's no going back?

V. J. Singh